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Boreal forest

Boreal forest

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Rhum arranged with boreal spices:

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, Labrador tea, pink and black pepper, pepper from the dunes of Quebec, laurel, balsam fir and spruce sprouts from Quebec, sweetberry from Quebec, balsam bayberry and organic wild aronia berry from Quebec.

The recipes offered may have been in contact with peanuts and tree nuts. Alcohol is not included. Taxes not included and delivery extra.
Let yourself be transported to the heart of the vast Canadian boreal forests with this preparation for rum arranged with boreal spices. Carefully selected ingredients are all sourced locally, providing a unique taste experience that captures the wild spirit and richness of Canadian nature.
The scent of fir and forest that emanates from this drink is a real invitation to escape. The perfect balance of oak is accentuated by boreal spices, adding a touch of complexity to every sip.
This preparation for arranged rum offers a taste experience similar to that of a chartreuse or absinthe style spirit and is perfect for nature lovers. It is a unique Canadian product that captures the spirit and essence of Canadian nature.
Get ready to explore the wild flavors of the boreal nature in every sip. Health!


Preparation for arranged rum in 4 steps:

- 1. Choose your handmade recipe with care and passion.

- 2. Pour your favorite white rum. 750ml.

- 3. Wait one month for aromatization. Protected from light. Stir 1x/week.

- 4. Taste. Stir and filter first.


To find out more about each step, go to the ''Preparation and tasting advice'' section.


One of the opinions during the tastings: 'Wow, it's really good…it tastes like the forest!''

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